Hello! I'm Nina. Welcome to my new website!

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re interested in learning a little bit about me before taking the plunge to send me an e-mail inquiry about a photo session or an upcoming wedding.*

So here I am! I’ve been a full time photographer since January 2015, shooting mostly in and around the St. Marys, Ontario area, but also venturing as far as Barrie to Sarnia and everywhere in between. When the 2016 wedding season draws to a close I will have photographed around 65 weddings in my career, as well as hundreds of sessions.

I have the pleasure of spending the bulk of my time with easygoing, laid back people who trust my perspective and experience. I approach every session with an open mind and limited expectations, choosing to focus on the individual nuances that make each set of clients unique. With some gentle guidance and a lot of laughter, I aim to photograph my clients in their very best light while making the process as easy and comfortable as possible. My photographs aren’t looking to be anything more than they are: a polished collection of memories that clients will be proud to cherish and display for years to come.

Thank you so much for taking a peek at my new space, and a special thanks to the thousands of faces I’ve had the pleasure of seeing before my camera. I am constantly blown away by the support and loyalty of the clients who have quickly become friends over the years. This business would not be where it is today without you, and I am so very grateful!

Love always,

Nina xo


*(The other, more likely reason: you’re my mom, checking out my fancy new website that I’ve been talking about for months, and you feel obligated to check every little thing out because you know it’s important to me. Thanks, mom!)


When I’m not taking photos, you’re likely to find me spending time with my greatest distractions, pictured here. (Forgive me, we don’t have a proper family photo of all four of us yet. The irony of this situation is not lost on me.)

My three loves: Jude, Andre, and Matt White xo

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